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Bai Ling Profile and Biography

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bai Ling (photo, image, picture)Bai Ling Profile:Bai Ling was born October 10, 1966 (star sign: Libra) at her hometown in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Bai Ling is a beautiful Chinese-born American (film, movie, television) actress, female model (Chinese and Asian model), Hollywood star, and women celebrity. She has a hair colour: black, eyes colour: dark brown, height: 5′ 3″ (160 cm), and measurements: 34-23-34.

Bai Ling Biography:
Bai Ling was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, People’s Republic of China; “Bai”, her family name, literally means “white”. Ling, a common Chinese given name, means clever. Bai Ling’s father, Bai Yuxiang, was a musician in the People’s Liberation Army, and later a music teacher. Bai Ling’s mother, Chen Binbin, was a dancer, stage actress, and a literature teacher in Sichuan University; Bai Ling’s maternal grandfather was a military officer of the Kuomintang army. Bai Ling has one older sister Bai Jie, who works for the Chinese tax bureau, and a younger brother Bai Chen, who emigrated to Japan and works for an American company.

Bai Ling has described herself as a very shy child who found that she best expressed herself through acting and performing. Bai Ling has said that acting allows one to ignore how society tells one to behave and allows other parts within oneself to be expressed. During the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976), Bai Ling learned how to perform by participating in Eight model plays her elementary school shows. After her graduation from middle school, Bai Ling was sent to do labor work at Shuangliu, a suburb county of Chengdu, where the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is located.

Before long, Bai Ling managed to pass the People’s Liberation Army’s exams, and became an “artist soldier” at Linzhi, Tibet. Her main activity there was entertaining in the musical theater. Bai Ling also served shortly as an Army nurse. Three years later, Bai Ling was discharged from the army.

Bai Ling joined People’s Art Theater of Chengdu, and became a professional actress. Her performance as a young man in the stage play Yueqin and Little Tiger drew the attention of movie director Teng Wenji, which gained her her first movie role in On The Beach (1985), as a village girl who becomes a factory worker.

On later years, Bai Ling appeared in several movies. Bai Ling temporarily moved to New York on 1991 to attend New York University’s film department as a visiting scholar, but later obtained a special visa that allowed her to remain in the United States until Bai Ling became a citizen in 1999.

On her acting career, Bai Ling had previously appeared in several Chinese movies. In 1984, Bai appeared as a fishing village girl in the movie On the Beach. Later she filmed several other movies, including Suspended Sentence, Yueyue, Tears in Suzhou without much attention. Bai Ling’s role as a girl with psychological disorder in the movie Arc Light directed by director Zhang Junzhao. Bai Ling attended Moscow International Film Festival in 1989 due to this role. Since coming to the United States in 1991, Bai Ling has appeared in a number of American movies.

Bai Ling began in The Crow (1994), playing the half-sister/lover of the main villain, Top Dollar. Hu guang was her most celebrated role in the Chinese film industry, and Red Corner (1997) would be considered her break-out role in English film. Bai Ling was named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” on 1998. Bai Ling appeared in Chris Isaak’s music video “Please” on 1998. Bai Ling shaved off her hair, which had exceeded a length of 36 in (90 cm) for her role in Anna and the King, and is widely known in Thailand as “Tuptim”, her character’s name from the film. Bai Ling filmed scenes for Star Wars: Episode III (2005) as Senator Bana Breemu.

Later on 2005 Bai Ling was a castmate of the VH1 program called But Can They Sing?. The show gave several non-singer celebrities an attempt at singing on every episode and then allowed the audience and home viewers to vote off one contestant each week.

Bai Ling has appeared in the show Lost as part of Jack’s flashbacks. Her character, Achara, has predictive powers, and is the artist of Jack’s tattoo reading “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.” Achara attests to predicting Jack’s leadership role on the island.

Bai Ling made a guest appearance on a episode of Entourage, Episode 6 – China Town of season 2. Bai Ling played a role of a stunt co-ordinator named Li Lei.(Bai Ling Profile and Biography source: Wikipedia.Org)
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